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Newcastle Emlyn Town Council


2024 -
Community consultation week 4th - 9th March, 2024 &                                          
Consultation day 9th March 10am - 2 pm

The consultation form can be downloaded here.

Once completed the form can either be posted in the ballot box at the Cawdor Hall Gallery between the 4th and 9th of March, 2024 (open 10am till 5pm) or the completed form can be emailed to the Town Council Clerk, Mrs Stella Jones

The Amphitheatre consultation results can be downloaded here



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2021 - Economic Recovery and Growth Plan for Newcastle Emlyn


An interactive website has been set up to help you view the draft ideas and supporting information online. This is now available to view here. This includes the draft plan for Newcastle Emlyn.


You are invited to share your vision for the economy of Newcastle Emlyn. Your comments and ideas, suggestions and feedback can be submitted through the following link. Please submit this by the end of February 2021.

Carmarthenshire County Council's Ten Towns Initiative - Spoorting the economic recovery and growth of rural towns across the Country.



Last month members of Newcastle Emlyn Town Council spent a day replacing the flood lights illuminating the Castle. The previous ground positioned lights were constantly being vandalised so it was decided to replace them by erecting posts and having the new lights at high level.

Following a long drawn out process, from planning, consultation and permission from several different public bodies, the actual work was undertaken.

On the morning of 14th June 2018 the Castle Grounds were amassed with construction machinery at the ready, but were delayed for a while due to the archaeologist (who had to be present before any works could take place) having not arrived. After a few phone calls the missing person finally turned up and the work got underway under his watchful eye.
A specialist ‘ground drill’ supplied by Ceiros Davies Ltd. and operated skillfully by Alan Davies was used to bore holes for the lamp posts. Further excavation then took place to lay the underground cables. Fortunately, nothing untoward was found during the dig and the Archaeologist went on his way.

Archaeologist keeping a watchful eye on mini digger at Newcastle Emlyn.





Image above: The Archeologist keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

Phase Two was to erect the two 32' long posts using Ceiros Davies’s machinery with the assistant of Councilllors Alan Jones, Barry Evans, Cefin Evans, Peter Lewis, Kelvin Baker and also the Town’s ‘handyman’ Wyn Davies putting in some very hard graft.  

Phase Three – enter the electrician Jo Thomas to carry out the fitting, wiring and connecting up of the lights using Mark Jukes’s JCB Telescopic Telehandler. A rather hairy experience to say the least on such uneven terrain.                                                              
A few days later the lights were turned on and the Castle was looking elegant and graceful showing off it’s ‘new look’ to all in the evenings.

Night lights



The Town Council will be erecting CCTV cameras to the posts at a later date, thus hoping to wipe out the unnecessary vandalism that takes place on the Castle Grounds at present.